Basic truths presented clearly and concisely. Truthgroups presents essential, applicable truths related to the assurance of salvation, the power of the blood, God's eternal purpose, and more.

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Truthgroups helps you learn how to present and defend your faith Biblically. Record and share your responses from your smartphone or computer, anywhere, anytime.

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Get connected with Christians on your campus by centering your fellowship on Christ and the Word of God. Develop solid, Christ-centered relationships.

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It's the Bible, in bite-sized chunks. Get ready to know what you are talking about.

These lessons aren't filled with fancy words or cute stories. Just the Word of God, explained, simply and clearly. Basic, relevant topics, fully supported by the Bible.

"I believe, therefore I speak"— the Apostle Paul

Are you tired of not being able to present your faith to others? Our response model, which emphasizes speaking aspects of each lesson to each other, will make you Biblically comfortable and conversant. Practice makes perfect; we are all learning together.

Find others near you who love the truth. The Christian experience is not a solo effort.

These lessons are virtual, but it doesn't stop here. Connect with others on your campus to continue to sow the seed of the Word of God.